Formulation & Blending Capabilities

In our facilities we have two mixing machines, where the ingredients are blended, with a laboratory certified in GMPs processes and qualified personnel.

In conjunction with our comprehensive array of functional and branded ingredients, along with our global reach to cater to clients worldwide, SUANNUTRA acknowledges the occasional necessity for supplementary solutions in the nutraceutical realm. Leveraging the complementarity and diversity within our portfolio, we provide premixes, offering a step beyond individual ingredients to streamline procurement, qualification and reception processes. Moreover, our global presence enables us to remain vigilant to market trends and needs, guiding our clients with multiple ideas and formulas tailored to meet the demands of diverse consumers.

SUANNUTRA, boasts the capability to manufacture and deliver customized mixes to meet the unique requirements of every customer.

The combination formulas contain multiple ingredients that can act together to support an overall health function or related health functions.

This versatility allows us to precisely meet the demands of the market, providing products and services that perfectly match each customer’s individual requirements.

In the standard process, up to 30 ingredients can be mixed, 710 micron sieving and basic internal analysis. Extras can be added at the customers request.

Combination Formulas

We offer guidance to our clients, sourcing ingredients from our extensive range, conducting blending processes in-house, and delivering premixes accompanied by quality documentation for seamless integration into your formulations.

Tailored to you

Our expertise extends to crafting unique combination formulas tailored to various health domains:

Beauty from



Sexual Health

Weight Management





Mood and

relax, sleep





GMP Process

710 micron Sieving

Ingredients provided by the customer with particle size <710 μm

Blend up to 30 ingredients

Basic internal analysis

25 Kg. in double polyethylene bag in cardboard drums

Lead time < 1 month from receipt of ingredient

Batch sizes from 50 Kg (MOQ) to 750 Kg.

Extras can be added at the customer’s request



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