METABOLAID®: An ingredient to improve
our healthy lifestyle

The fundamental cause of obesity and overweight is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended. Globally, there has been:

  • an increased intake of energy-dense foods that are high in fat and sugars; and
  • an increase in physical inactivity due to the increasingly sedentary nature of many forms of work, changing modes of transportation, and increasing urbanization.

Being overweight can lead to a cluster of conditions that, when combined, increase the risk of other health problems. These conditions include unbalanced blood pressure, blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

Also, the gut microbiome plays a vital role in many aspects of our health, from nutrient absorption to immune function, weight management, and even mental health. When there´s an imbalance in our microbiome, this can give rise to inflammation, diabetes, excess body weight, and accelerated ageing.

It is therefore necessary to develop ingredients that, together with a healthy lifestyle, positively impact an individual’s metabolic health.

Why choose

Metabolaid® is a patented botanical ingredient based on hibiscus and lemon verbena extracts. These two extracts have been formulated to act synergistically, increasing the effects of each extract by more than 6 times.

  • Recommended daily dosage: 500 mg/day.
  • Supported by 7 human studies.
  • Proprietary and patented extraction process.
  • Internationally recognized & awarded: Nutraingredients Awards; NIE Awards.
  • Health claim approved in South Korea.
  • Metabolaid® is effective in supporting weight management in overweight or healthy adults following a diet and healthy lifestyle, even without diet and independent of physical activity.

Metabolaid® is the result of more than 12 years of peer-reviewed scientific studies in animal and clinical models. The extraction process used to obtain it is completely natural.

The key to maintaining our metabolic system

The mechanism by which metabolaid® exerts its effect in the adipose tissue, muscles, and liver is through the activation of the AMPK pathways.

AMPK acts as a metabolic switch in the cells. When it is activated, it increases the mitochondrial activity, cascading into increased energy consumption and favoring the use of stored energy (i.e. fat stored in the adipose tissue).

Moreover, Metabolaid® helps control hunger/cravings/satiety and calorie intake by regulating gut hormones.

Metabolaid® and weight management

In 100 overweight people, a combination of diet and Metabolaid® was able to reduce body weight, BMI, body fat and waist circumference.

Daily consumption of Metabolaid® without diet was able to reduce body weight, BMI and central fat mass, independent of physical activity.

Metabolaid® and Blood pressure

Metabolaid® combined with diet was able to improve anthropometric parameters, and reduce systolic blood pressure and heart rate.

Metabolaid® without diet showed a significant reduction in average daily systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as daytime diastolic/systolic and nighttime diastolic blood pressure.

Metabolaid® and cholesterol levels

In 2 clinical trials, diet combined with Metabolaid® reduced cholesterol levels and improved triglyceride levels.

Metabolaid® without diet improved total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels, independent of physical activity.

Metabolaid® and appetite

Metabolaid® (combined with diet and without diet) was able to reduce appetite sensation, modulate gut hormones, reduce calorie intake after an ad-libitum meal.

This is the first study to link satiety measured by hormones and satiety scales at different times during an established period between meals.

* “These statements may not comply with your country’s laws and regulations or with Reg. EC n. 1924/2006 and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Marketers of finished products containing this ingredient are responsible for ensuring compliance with the applicable legal framework.”.