Suannutra Inc Oficially Launched at SupplySide West 2023


​​​​SuanNutra Inc, the subsidiary of Suannutra – the nutraceutical business of Suanfarma established earlier this year – was present at the SupplySide West 2023 bringing a lot of new innovations within its branded line, as well as reinforcing a new and renovated look that showcases its commitment to sustainability with its organic and Fair For Life certified Functional line.

Anthony Weston, CEO of SuanNutra, said, «With SuanNutra Inc., we are better positioned to meet our customers’ evolving needs, offering them access to the finest ingredients and expertise. This move aligns with our long-term vision and commitment to growth, innovation, and excellent customer service.”

Monteloeder’s – the branded division – Chief Scientific Officer, Jonathan Jones, offered a Supplier Presentation where he highlighted its latest discovery BeRelief®, a discomfort ingredient solution that has already caught a lot of interest from formulators, R&Ds, and several brands. If you were not able to participate and would like to have access to the recording, please contact us.

It is also fair to mention that Metabolaid® won the contest Ingredient Idol in the category “Active Nutrition” among dozens of other contestants, thanks to its mechanism for weight management and cardiovascular benefits. The ingredients Zeropolution® and Eternalyoung® were showcased in the New Product Zone of the show, causing a lot of interest as well from the attendees.

Finally, our Sampling Center was a success. Our customers were able to try our extensive organic and Fair For Life tea bag cuts portfolio, as well as two of our clinically proven branded ingredients Eternalyoung® and NutroxSun® in the form of gummies.

If you were able to stop by our booth, it was a pleasure to see you there, but if you could not make it, get in touch with us! We would love to catch up with you and present you with the latest innovations in both our Branded and Functional lines.